In-Line Combo Static Mixers

Chromatographers seeking to optimize mixing volumes at flow rates below 100 μL/min. now have the ability to customize a mixing volume which is perfectly tuned to match the separation system.

Choosing the right mixing volume is always a compromise between absolute noise reduction, delay volume, and gradient distortion. Ideally the optimum mixing volume should be determined experimentally by evaluating several mixing volumes to determine which provides optimum chromatographic performance.

For the separation below at 50 μL/min., a 50 μL mixer contributes too much delay volume and gradient distortion. The ASI Combo 35 μL (25 μL + 10 μL) mixer provides just the right balance between noise reduction and gradient performance.

Available in Standard HPLC, UHPLC and Biocompatible.

In-Line Combo Static Mixers are only sold as complete assemblies.

Standard HPLC


Biocompatible PEEK