Post Column Reactor

Sensitive Post-Column Derivatization at an Economical Price
The Scientific Systems Sensivate represents a new level in postcolumn
performance, size and cost. Based on proven pump technology
combined with a unique reactor design and disposable heating
blocks, you can now achieve post-column derivatization with great
performance at an economical price.

Modular Design
The Sensivate’s modular design means you can choose your pump
system, a reactor block (heated) and a second reactor block (ambient)
if necessary. Choose reactor block volumes of 0.15 mL, 0.50 mL,
1.40 mL, or order a custom reactor size (see Ordering Information).

• Fast & easy setup:
— One inlet connection (from column)
— One outlet connection (to detector)
• Modular:
— 1 or 2 reactors (1 heated)
— 1 or 2 pumps
• Proven pump technology with self-flush to improve seal life
• Pulse damper for reduced pulsation
• Reduced number of connections minimizes leaks
• All connections accessible from front panel
• Front panel displays each reagent’s flow, pressure, set, and actual temperature
• Pump flow and reactor temperature settable from front panel or RS232
• Upper/lower pressure and temperature limits, and system shutdown relay
• Modular cartridge reactor, 2 fluid connections, and one hold-down to change
volume or reactor
• Disposable reactor cartridges
• Reactor designed to reduce band broadening—not just a coil
• All PEEK fluid path

PCR System

PCR, Reactor Only