Supercritical 24 Pumps


Reliable, Accurate and Consistent Performance
The Model SFC-24 Positive Displacement Pump provides reliable,
accurate and reproducible pumping of liquid CO2 for SFC, SFE, and
other applications. The SFC-24 is available with a maximum flow rate
of 24 mL/min, and can reach pressures to 10,000 psi.
The pump’s constant pressure mode features a selectable pressure
set point. The flow rate auto-adjusts to maintain pressure. The SFC-
24 features integrated cooling systems using Peltier thermoelectric

Easy Maintenance
The cooling is fully self-contained within the pump cabinet, eliminating
the need for external refrigeration units and the associated piping,
coolants, and Freon. Peltier technology is 100% solid state.