QuickSplit™ Adjustable Pre-Column Flow Splitters

Pre-column splitting is used for micro, capillary, and nano HPLC applications, where the flow from the pump is split from analytical flow rates down to microliter or nanoliter flows.  It is important to note that even though the split ratio created by the splitter valve will remain constant, the split ratio will change when a HPLC column is installed.  This is due to the added resistance on the low flow rate channel from the HPLC column.  This added resistance must be factored in to make sure the fluid resistor selected for the flow splitter provides the correct split ratio.  Please contact ASI if you need assistance.  Splitters are shipped complete with the resistor cartridge installed.

When ordering a pre-column flow splitter, please provide ASI with the column flow rate and back pressure.  If the inlet flow rate or column pressure specification is not provided, ASI will configure pre-column flow splitters assuming a 0.5 mL/min. inlet flow rate and a pressure drop across the column of 1,500 PSI.  For accurate Pre-column flow splitting, see the AS650 Automated Flow Splitter.

Product Information